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Our site is a searchable national database with visitors looking for service or sale items covering multiple different product and service categories. **Banner Advertising on is available to any company with products or services that may be of interest to public safety personnel or the general public. *All businesses listed in our database are owned or operated by active and retired firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical serivces providers. Your ad will appear on a rotating basis throughout our Banner Advertising panes on the site within the ad pane size you select.

Banner Advertising on is very affordable. Your balance is reduced only if your ad is clicked on, not on an "impression" basis. The number of times your ad is clicked is tracked and reported to you as your balance nears zero. The cost for Banner Advertising is $.10 (ten cents) per click for 120X90 ads, and $.25 (twenty five cents) per click for 120X240 ads. A minimum prepaid advertising purchase of $250 (2500 clicks for 120X90 or 1000 clicks for 120X240) is required.

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**We reserve the right to refuse any Banner Advertising request if, in the opinion of administrators, it is determined to lead to an inappropriate website or is deemed to not be in the interest of our visitors.

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Firefighter owned business. Firefighter owned and operated.
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